Memtronik force sensing resistor: where performance and versatility collide!


Force sensing resistor requirements can vary significantly from one industry to the next. In order to meet these unique needs, it’s essential to offer highly versatile solutions.

Our sensors are designed to measure a wide sensing range, including the most subtle hint of pressure. Highly impact-resistant and easy to integrate, our devices are built to serve your clients for the long haul – no matter the application!

Multipurpose force sensing resistor

  • Foot pressure distribution (podiatry)
  • Speed control for motors and tools
  • Guidance for robotic fingers
  • Occupancy detection for seats and beds

Memtronik’s expertise

Our design teams  have developed force sensing resistors made of thin flexible layers. Their exceptional pliability – which has been proven via ongoing experimentation – allows them to adapt to any shape or surface.

How is pressure measured? When force is applied, the sensor’s resistance decreases, then returns to its original state when the pressure is removed. Thanks to this sophisticated process, the sensor can detect even the most subtle variations in pressure.

Our range of force sensing resistors

As a specialist in printed electronics, Memtronik has developed many different kinds of sensors. Choosing our solutions means benefiting from expert advice and products that are customized according to the type of pressure you wish to measure.


Typically made using two layers of flexible polymer, this device consumes very little energy. Thanks to a high-pressure resistor, it can measure the current that flows through the circuit when force is detected.

Airbag control, occupancy detection for hospital beds, guidance for golf and baseball techniques … This technology can detect a wide range of forces and adapt to many different use cases


How does it work? When pressure is applied, the current flows through a carbon layer. Thanks to a highly adaptable printing process, this sensor can be integrated into very small objects. It is also excellent at measuring very light pressure.

From augmented reality for video games to styluses for smartphone, this technology makes it possible to produce highly precise sensors.

Printed electronics: putting the future at your fingertips!

  • Printed electronics

    Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology’s incredible potential.

  • Smart clothing

    Discover a new generation of smart clothing for never-before-seen performance.

  • Flexible heating circuits

    A self-regulating heating component inside of a jacket? You bet!

  • Biosensors

    Collect all of the data the human body has to offer for medical and sports-related purposes.

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