Smart clothing: welcome to the future!

Smart clothing is a truly fascinating type of technology! Stretchable flexible circuits  can integrate seamlessly into almost any material.

As aleader in printed electronics, Memtronik collaborates with many industries. No matter your domain, we can equip your clothing with all the smart technology it deserves!

A new generation of smart clothing

Say goodbye to rigid circuits that restrict your movement and won’t survive the washing machine! Thanks to advancements in printed electronics , you can offer your clients wearables that provides complete freedom of movement.

The flexible inks and substrates selected by our engineers allow us to design expandable circuits that adapt not only to the shape of your body, but also to the textile’s fabric. Printed on a thin film, these components are also very lightweight. All these features make their presence nearly undetectable!

Smart clothing for a wide variety of applications

Perfectly compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT), smart clothing offers a wide range of amazing possibilities. This technology has already been widely adopted by the fashion, sports, and medical sectors, and is gaining popularity in the automotive and aerospace industries.

A jacket with flexible heating circuits that are activated by dropping temperatures, a training jersey with integrated biosensors  that provide data related to physical activity… Memtronik covers all of the most common use cases, and then some!

What makes smart clothing technology so exciting? It’s constantly evolving. If you think of a new application that your clients will love, become an innovator with Memtronik. Share your groundbreaking ideas with us and we’ll take care of the rest, from prototyping to high-volume manufacturing!

Want to break new ground with Memtronik?

Printed electronics: the future is in your hands!

  • Printed electronics

    Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology’s incredible potential.

  • Force sensors

    Measure any amount of pressure, from extremely heavy to feather-light.

  • Biosensors

    Collect all the data the human body has to offer for medical and sports-related purposes.

  • Flexible heating circuits

    Discover a new generation of smart clothing for never-before-seen performance.

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