Choose backlighting to create products that are as aesthetic as they are practical!


If your clients are looking for user-friendly solutions, they’re also taking aesthetics into account.

Backlighting checks both of these boxes! Integrating this technology into your control panels improves the user experience. Whether it’s a membrane switch or capacitive switch , light can become a point of interaction – for example, by confirming an action or indicating that the user must touch the screen to complete an operation.

Thanks to its wide variety of lighting, backlighting can give your equipment a refined touch, as is the case with products like household appliances . Based on your human-machine interface’s (HMI) application, our experts can recommend a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes.

Backlighting solutions for all of your HMIs

Enhance the user experience by strategically positioning lights insideyour HMI. Our designers have a wide range of backlighting options available to create customized solutions.

A wide range of backlighting options

Light guide film (LGF)

If you are looking for a flexible option that can adapt to any surface, this is the solution for you! Light guide film is particularly bendable and can conform to any shape, providing consistent lighting for your control panel wherever it is required.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

LEDs are popular for a reason! Affordable and exceptionally durable, they give off very little heat. These diodes are available in a wide variety of colors and brightness options, and  are suitable for outdoor applications. Looking for a reliable, multipurpose solution? LEDs have everything you need and more.

Electroluminescent lighting (EL

This technology uses phosphorusink to transform electrical energy into uniform lighting. Particularly well-suited for low-light applications, electroluminescent panels  are known for consuming very little energy. The quality of the phosphorus ink is essential to ensure optimal efficiency and durability. As masters of this technology, our design teams  select the best components while regularly testing their performance.

Fiber optic lighting

Using very fine plastic fibers, this process provides uniform, consistent light distribution, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Coupled with a light-emitting diode (LED), this technology is an energy-saving, high-performance, durable solution.

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