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Membrane keypads are equipped with electric switches that allow the user to activate or deactivate certain features. You must have a supporting surface when switches are used in this way: support is crucial if you want your membrane keypad to work properly.

This utilitarian component doesn’t have to take away from your product design, though. Our design teams can create back plates that are made of different materials with various finishes and surfaces that will make your membrane switch shine.


Back plates for all of your membrane or capacitive switches

How to choose a back plate

Choosing a back plate to integrate into your control panel is not a decision to be taken lightly – your choice will play a significant role in the quality of your user experience.

First, this component should be as flat as possible and not have any bumps. Otherwise, it could cause the membrane switch to activate and allow liquid to seep in, which would negatively affect your product’slifespan.

In terms of aesthetics, let your imagination run wild! Our design teams offer customizable shapes and finishes for an ergonomic product that stands out. Tell us about your creative vision and our experts will take care of the rest!

Multifaceted technical expertise

  • Backlighting

    Give your products a unique look and enhance the user experience.

  • Smart clothing

    Discover a new generation of smart clothing for never-before-seen performance.

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