Back plates: a cost-effective and time-saving solution


Installing a keypad requires a good amount of time and internal resources, both of which you may not have at your disposal. Adding a back plate not only simplifies the installation process but also saves you time and money without compromising on quality.

 Memtronik makes your life easier by analyzing the amount of space needed and the correct way to assemble each component. We’ll then attach the keypad to the back plate, thereby simplifying the assembly process and minimizing the risk of errors. Your technician will simply need to secure the back plate in the allocated space.

Back plates for all of your membrane or capacitive switches

The importance of adding proper support

Because of the presence of tactile components, membrane and capacitive keypads require adequate support to function optimally. This requisite shouldn’t, however, impact your budget nor interfere with your logistics.

Choosing the right back plates for your HMI

Back plates can be manufactured using two types of materials: metals or polymers. Depending on your needs, you get to choose from a wide range of options, including plain, painted, anodized, or even treated with anticorrosive or chemical agents.

360° technical expertise you can count on!

  • Backlighting

    Give your products a unique look and enhance the user experience.

  • Control panel

    Interfaces that are as aesthetic as they are functional

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